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Exquisite Entrees Menu

Exquisite Events Windsor offers a rich and tantalizing menu to delight your guests. Presenting a global menu to satisfy every palate. Host an exquisite event with our onsite catering service today. Exquisite Events Windsor caters charcuterie platters, open faced sandwiches, hand rolled mesculin mix salads, pork tenderloin, Moroccan beef tenderloin, lamb chops, hickory smoked salmon, sliders, high tea, to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

Exquisite entrees menu

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Modern dishes that capture the flavours of the season

We have created end to end custom menus to suit special event needs. We specialize in Asian and French cuisine,
global culinary offerings, to vegan accommodations. This menu lists only some of the most enjoyable items ordered.
We would gladly collaborate with you and offer something to intrigue and tantalize your guests.

The Exquisite Garden

— Ratatouille —
Stewed Vegetables, Garlic Wine Sauce

— Asparagus —

—Cantonese Spicy Aubergine—
Sautéed , Sweet Chili Spice

— Brussel Sprouts —
Fleur de Sel

— Vegetable Melange —
Asparagus, Baby Carrots, Haricot Verts, Bell Peppers, Garlic & Fresh Herbs


Frenched Moroccan Lamb   —
Sweet Chili~ Lime & Ginger

 —  Chicken Marsala  —
Marsala Wine Reduction~ Forest Mushroom Ragu—

Filet Mignon
(6 oz Tournedos) Malbec Jus

 —  Salmon   —
Grilled Hickory Smoked~ Mango or Balsamic Dill Glaze

 —  Salmon en Croute   —
Salmon baked inside golden, butter puff pastry

Roast Pork Tenderloin Roulade
Bell Peppers, Spinach, Pine Nuts ~ Lemongrass~ Ponzu

Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options Available Upon Request


Triple Mix Mashed Potato
Yukon Gold, Baby Red Skin, Sweet Potato Entwined with Savoury Butter, Cream, Fresh Herbs & Seasonings   

Saffron Basmati Rice

Herb Roasted Parisienne Potato

Exquisite Rice Pilaf

Chef’s Signature Stuffing  —
Apple, Sage, Thyme, Vidalia Onions, Peppers

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Sabayon~ Champagne & Rosewater

Mocha Torte

Grand Marnier Belgian Chocolate Mousse~ Tuile

Strawberry Romanoff

Selection of Fine French Finger Pastries

—  Exquisitely Sliced Fresh Seasonal Fruit Composition with Field Berries  —